Personal Training. In many different ways.

Erika Personal Training addressed to all regardless of goals or condition.

We want to help you get a simple life with a healthy lifestyle. We specialize in Personal Training and Exercise for smaller groups using functional movements. We also run bootcamp a couple of times a year & Tough MAMA, safe training for those who are pregnant or have recently given birth.

You can also use the gym every day of the week from 04.30-23.30.

   PERSONAL TRAINING                 OPEN GYM                  SMALL GROUP TRAINING               BOOTCAMP                           TOUGH MAMA          



Erika Personal Training AB was founded in May 2014 by Erika Bengtsson with a goal to provide individuals and companies the tools they need to feel better and live in a more inspiring life.


Erika Bengtsson

I want to help you find a happiness in life with a healthy lifestyle! If it either weight / fat reduction, weight training or rehabilitation, I'll give you the tools and together we have fun on the way to reach your goal! We´ll will create a workout plan together that fits your goals and you’re conditions.

Nominated to PT of the Year 2016,  Guldhjärtat   

Vilma Ryden


To me it's important that you see your workout as part of your everyday life - physical and mental health is the most important thing for you to have a functioning and balanced life. On my workouts,

You will be seen and heard, and together have the will to give it your all. I love the mix of high-intensity, heavy and functional workouts.

Marie Liljenor

Workout as a part of your life or you´re life is a part of a workout?
To workout should not be a must, but sometimes it's a necessary evil ...
Maybe you just want to get started…again! Or are you looking for new challenges?Maybe there are a couple of kilos too much ... or you need to add some? You may want to get help with the technique or you just need to ”sweat it out”! Whatever reason you have to exercise, I´ll be happy to be part of your development!

Hanna Lindell


I will push you to your limits you don't even know existing! I love High Intensity workouts that get the sweat to flow and all the muscles of the body to work . I'm there for YOU and together we will make your workout both fun and rewarding while we reach what YOU want!


"Awesome good and hard workouts !! Nice! You are Awesome."

                                        "Really fun & Sweaty training with professional leaders! Recommended for sure!"

                                  "Professional and really know what is needed."

"Technique, flexibility, strength, cardio and fighting spirit in a perfect mix, and I have fun when I'm there :)"