Personal Training.
In many different ways.


We want to help you get a simple life with a healthy lifestyle. We specialize in Personal Training and Exercise for smaller groups using functional movements. We also run bootcamp a couple of times a year & Tough MAMA, safe training for those who are pregnant or have recently given birth.

You can also buy an Open Gym membership so you have access to the gym every day of the week from 04.30-23.30.


Erika Personal Training AB was founded in May 2014 by Erika Bengtsson with a goal to provide individuals and companies the tools they need to feel better and live in a more inspiring life.

Erika Bengtsson

I want to help you find a happiness in life with a healthy lifestyle! If it either weight / fat reduction, weight training or rehabilitation, I'll give you the tools and together we have fun on the way to reach your goal! We´ll will create a workout plan together that fits your goals and you’re conditions.

Nominated to PT of the Year 2016, 2018 Guldhjärtat   

Malin Kramer


Sports and training have always been a great interest of mine. It is important that training is fun and rewarding, while there also should be a purpose and goal.

I love challenges and getting people to do what they thought was impossible. During my workouts you will be seen, challenged and sweaty. The question is not whether you will reach your goals, it's about WHEN you will do it.

Emely Emanuelsson


For me, training is an investment, both for myself and for those around me. If I can exercise, I feel good and then I can also be a good wife, mother, friend and colleague. Moving is something I prioritize and I know that everyone feels good about how often or what activity they do. That's why it's extra fun to coach and help others find joy in training. Training should be fun! Therefore, my sessions will contain different arrangements with a focus on variety, as variety is good for keeping motivation up. Challenging individuals is close to my heart and the best thing there is to see people develop.

Johanna De La Motte

Exercise has always been a part of my life but it was during 2018 that I got hooked on this form of training when I joined Tough Mama after my second child. For me, training is about joy, community and constantly developing, it makes me become a better and more prosperous version of myself.

I want to help you feel the same! As I believe in constant variation, my sessions will contain both heavy and high-intensity training, I want to offer you the opportunity to train on both your strengths and weaknesses in order to reach your full potential.
My goal as a coach is to help you find joy in your training so that it becomes part of your everyday life!

Lina Malmberg


With the knowledge in both training and physical therapy I can offer you something extra as a client. Do you feel unsure about how to exercise with your musculoskeletal problems, do you have problems in your everyday life that you want to get help with, or is it simply time to invest in your health and your well-being? I will promise high-intensity and functional workouts with new challenging exercises that

takes your training to a new level.

Vilma Ryden


To me it's important that you see your workout as part of your everyday life - physical and mental health is the most important thing for you to have a functioning and balanced life. On my workouts,

You will be seen and heard, and together have the will to give it your all. I love the mix of high-intensity, heavy and functional workouts.

Vilma Thörn 

I always want to help you as a customer in the best way so that you will have a great experience here at Erika personal Training. If you have any questions, I am always available! Hope we'll see each other!

Ellen Torkelsson 

My name is Ellen Torkelsson and I live outside Lönsboda with my partner, our two cats and our dog. I study social work at Lund University and in my spare time I like to train and spend time with my family.
I will start at Erika Personal Training after the summer, you will find me behind the reception.
See you! 

Ida Mattsson Levin


My passion is to coach and empower others to develop and do things they didn't think were possible. To have the opportunity to do so in a context that I am really passionate about is clearly a privilege and during my workouts you will be challenged based on your own circumstances. I hope to be a part of your journey towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle that contains joy of life, self-esteem and a healthy balance between exercise, work & everyday life!

Pernilla Björkman 

All training is better than no training at all! Everyone can do something regardless of the conditions.
One of my goals in life is to inspire others to a healthier lifestyle! Through my training, I get a bubbling feeling of endorphins that make me more alert, happier and help me make healthier choices in everyday life. 
Is there a more wonderful feeling than feeling the pulse throughout your body and sweating so that it runs?!
With my long experience in training, I promise sweat, heavy lifting, heart rate and lovely music on my workouts!

Ebba Schill

My name is Ebba Schill and I live in Älmhult with my family. In the autumn, I will start high school with a focus on the Social Sciences program. I have always been interested in training, and went to many sports when I was little such as gymnastics and swimming.
I will start here at Erika Personal Training after the summer, you will find me behind the reception and at the Kids sessions.
See you! 


"Awesome good and hard workouts !! Nice! You are Awesome."

                                                                  "Really fun & Sweaty training with professional leaders! Recommended for sure!"

  "Professional and really know what is needed."


                           "Technique, flexibility, strength, cardio and fighting spirit in a perfect mix, and I have fun when I'm there :)"