With the new pandemic law, it is important that we secure 10 sqm per person, which means for us that we can be a total of 28 people in the room at the same time. We can accommodate 13 people on the large gym area. On the small area we can be 3 people. In the hall we can be 2 people.

1. We will increase the sessions to 10 people (does not apply to Tough MAMA). Then we still have a margin of up to 13 people that we can be. When you train, you stay in your box! The tools can be put outside of your box if necessary. The time between sessions is 20 minutes, this is to reduce the crowding in the entrance. We ask you on arrival to immediately enter the gym to avoid crowding in the hall. Please respect that the coach is planning the workout during this time. Please do NOT stay after completing the session and arrive Max 10-5 minutes before the start of the workout!

2. The Open Gym business MUST be booked and then to a number with a maximum of 6 people at the same time + any PT and PT customer is here then. Open gym does NOT have the opportunity to book workouts while Small Group Training is going on, all so that we take into account the number who can stay in the room. Should it be the case that the coach has a PT customer while you are booked at the Open Gym, you can of course train. As long as we do not exceed the maximum number for the gym. Regarding the schedule, it is of course possible to book several times directly after each other if you need more time or if you arrive in the middle of the workout.

3. Only 2 people in the hall at a time! In order for us to be able to run the business in a safe way, you can only be 2 people in the HALL at the same time. This is to avoid crowding. If you see from the outside that there are 2 people in the hall, you have to WAIT outside until you can enter! The same applies when you go out, if you see that there are 2 people in the hall, you have to wait in the big gym until you can go out. No parents in the gym / hall at KIDS sessions. It is super important that everyone follows this so that you can train in a good environment, so that we will remain after Corona but also so that you as customers and we who work here will feel safe!

Indoor workouts - Windows will be open during the sessions to contribute to increased ventilation. Coaches will NOT touch clients but coaching is done with distance verbally. No participants share gear. If the tools are not enough, there may be modifications during the workout.

We ask you to understand that workouts will not be as varied as before, as there are now restrictions to be taken into account. The quality of our workouts will continue to be high and since the number of participants indoors is less, the training becomes more individualized and personal.

Small Group Training sessions, both inside and out, are now 50 minutes instead of 45 minutes. This is to give more time to clean all the gear.

The outdoor sessions have a maximum number of 10 people as we have more space to move around and it is outdoors. Outdoor workouts require you to wear clothes according to the weather. In extremely bad weather, the workout can be cancelled. In this scenario, indoor workouts will be offered and it is up to you as a customer to choose whether you want to participate or not. If you are going to train outdoors, please wait outside until the responsible coach comes out. Come just before the workout starts!

Tough MAMA – will continue to be indoors. The maximum number will be 6 people. It is important to keep a greater distance between the children. All toys at the gym are removed as this is a risk of spreading bacteria. The changing rooms are closed at the moment, therefore changing tables will not be able to be used. In addition, the same rules apply as for sgt passes. See the text above.

Schedule - will be scheduled out for 1 week at a time. Changes may occur at short notice. The times for different workouts will vary more than usual. Pay attention to this when booking.
There are the least amount of people in the morning and lunch wporkouts if you want to come when it's less people here.

Shower and changing room - is currently closed. We therefore ask you to come in your workout clothes. Water bottles should be filled so this does not need to be done at the gym. There are disposable mouth guards and plastic gloves for you to use if desired.

The gear in the gym are cleaned  several times a day. Both by you participants but also by us in the staff. Cleaning of other surfaces such as floors, handles, toilets, etc. is carefully cleaned several times a week.
You're really good at cleaning the tools after you. We are a very small gym which also means that we have a great time keeping an eye on everyone wiping off properly.

What can you do as a customer?

Every booking for us means a lot. It allows us to stay open and that we will remain when the worst storm settles.

Take the opportunity to buy a smoothie when it is offered.

For us it is super important that you as a customer take your responsibility, partly for respect towards us in the staff and against other customers so we can all stay in a risk-free environment.
You stay home if you're sick. Waiting 7 days before you come and train again.
And when you're here, wipe off your gear and keep your distance.

Take care of you!

Erika Personal Training