According to the Regulations and General Advice of the Public Health Agency of Sweden (HSLF-FS 2021:2), we are now entering level 2.

Due to the fact that the spread of infection and the number of infected are decreasing, this means that some restrictions will be eased or completely removed from 1 July (some restrictions will be eased from 15 July). 

So from Thursday 15 July Erika Personal Training will change our rules of conduct as a result of the good news! We recommend that you as a customer carefully read this through. 

We will keep our squares but the session-arrangements will be more flexible. 

The maximum number in both hall, gym area and dressing room is removed. Instead, it is important to show respect and keep distance from each other. We still ask you to try to shower and change from home as far as possible to avoid crowding. 

We will return to having 15 minutes between sessions instead of 20 minutes but retain the length of the class (50 min). 

Open gym bookings are partially removed. Separate emails will be sent out to open-gym customers.

Tough MAMA sessions will be increased to 10 people instead of 6. This is in accordance with section 3(1), which provides that the maximum number and 10 sqm per person can be removed. Measures to avoid crowding will continue to be important! 

Rules regarding exercise and illness:
If you have been ill in COVID-19, you should stay at home for 7 days after feeling fully healthy.

If you show common cold symptoms and have tested negative for COVID-19, we ask you to stay at home for 48 hours after you feel fully healthy. 

If someone in the family is sick, we ask you to be at home and symptom-free for 48 h then you are welcome to train with us again! 

We are happy that the restrictions are starting to ease, but it is important that we still help eachother to follow the general advice. Keep your distance, wash and disinfect your hands and show consideration and respect to each other! 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and concerns about our new rules: 

/ Erika Personal Training