From 29 September, erika personal training will be subject to the following:

We're going to change the boxes to crosses. There will be 12 crosses so there is the possibility for more people on the sessions. The classes will be more flexible but the possibility to refer back to the crosses is available. NOTE: There will still be 10 spots / class but at a lot of reserves the coach can raise up to 12 people (however, before the 12 h cancellation rule so you can cancel yourself if you want)

We will continue to spray the equipment but only after sessions not meanwhile. Spray only 1-2 sprays on the towel to avoid rust and dry on the equpment. The black carpet is NOT sprayed/wiped off because it dries out. Cleaning the carpet is handled by staff. (exceptions are if you spilled talc/water or sweated a lot on the carpet)

SGT: It will be OK to bring children who are in the hall/playroom if you do not get the life puzzle together. The gym is not a playground and therefore no children are allowed in the training area. (also applies to the green carpet regardless of whether it is used during the session or not). This applies before, during and after classes. If the kids want to work out, we have both Mini Kids and Kids&Teens workout.

Wash and desinfect your hands before and after workouts.

Keep your distance as best you can.

The changing rooms are open for you to use.

If you have any questions about general advice, please refer to the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Read the information there.