VIP MEMBERSHIP: - SEK 749 / month
- Unlimited classes
- Gifts
- Towel service*
- Priority at events
- More favorable costs at events

[No commitment period - 2 months notice period]

-595:- / month
-8 classes / month
- Towel service*

[No commitment period - 2 months notice period]

LIGHT MEMBERSHIP: -349:- / month
-4 classes/ month  

[No commitment period - 2 months notice period]


-Can you switch between memberships however you want? or is there a 2-month notice period even when changing?
It is possible to change your membership, both to a smaller one and to a larger one. If you are downgrading there is a 2 month notice. If you upgrade that will happen during the nextcoming month. Downgrading can only be applied once a year. 

Do you cancel classes?
If there only is 1 person booked we will cancel the class. Other than that we proceed as usual. 

-What is the difference between LIGHT, BASIC, and VIP? And how does the payment work?
All our memberships have no commitment period and have a two-month notice period. Here is a simple explanation of our different memberships:
LIGHT SEK 349/month 4 bookable classes/month
BASIC SEK 595/month 8 bookable classes/month Towel Service
VIP SEK 749/month: Unlimited bookable classes/month. Handduks Service Advance ticket to event discounted art. "Gifts" - for persistent training, birthdays, etc. Membership is paid in advance. If a membership is started in the middle of a month, the remaining days of the month will be charged. The upcoming payment is the full amount.

What does Towel Service mean?
Towel service means that after training you ask for a towel at the reception before going to the changing room. That way you don't have to bring your own towel. You then just put the towel in our laundry basket.

-Do I lose money when my clip card becomes a membership?
No, the memberships are very favorable for you as a customer. See our calculated examples of this below:
If you already have a 30-clip card, you pay SEK 150/pass. If you go to three classes a week, a VIP membership means that you only pay about SEK 63/class.
With a 10-card you pay SEK 165/class. If you switch to a BASIC membership with four bookable classes a month, each class costs SEK 88 instead.

-What do I do if I want to train at Tough MAMA?
Previously, there was a special clipping card. Now you who train on our Tough MAMA sessions do not need to be limited by your clip card. When you now buy a membership at us, you can choose exactly which class you want to go on. Ex: If you have VIP membership, a week could look like the following:
Tough MAMA on Tuesday, Mobility on Wednesday, Tough MAMA on Friday, and regular SGT Sunday. Then you "pay" SEK 49/training session compared to SEK 150 per session that you previously paid for the Tough MAMA clip card. How good is that?

- I have classes left on my tough MAMA card. Can I still only book tough MAMA with my clippcard?
We have removed that rule, so now you who bought a Tough MAMA clip card have the opportunity to also book all our other classes. When your clip card runs out, choose one of our new monthly memberships.

- I am always only a reserve for the sessions I want to train, what will happen to my bookings?
Feel free to put yourself in a reserve place, usually, those on the reserve list usually get an ordinary spot. We always try to accommodate your customers with classes upon request, so in case of long reserve lists, classes may be added later. Tip is to be on your toes! Be sure to be ready to book your spot when the schedule is released.

- Can I freeze my membership?
It is fine to freeze memberships for 2 months on the presentation of a medical certificate. Email and we will help you.

- How do you become a member and acquire a membership?
Via the app, the website, or email us.

- How do you end the membership?
Email Please note that all memberships have a 2-month notice period.

-What does the semester schedule mean?
In order to simplify the planning for both you as customers and us coaches, we have chosen to run a fixed semester schedule. This is what the semesters look like: Autumn term v.34-v50
Spring semester v.2-v.25
Please note that changes may occur in the event of illness, events, etc.

- How does it work when closed for the summer / Christmas holidays?
We offer classes but to a lesser extent. We have a total of 1-3 closing weeks per year.

- What payment options are there for the memberships?
Card payment is required for membership. (You will receive an email when your card is about to expire and has expired.)

-How does late cancellation work? If I still get to train as many sessions as I want, does it make up for it whether I show up or not?
In the event of three missed classes, you will be charged a penalty. The fine is SEK 350 but may change if the behavior persists. You will first receive a warning email, then another one on the second occasion, if there is another missing class after that, the penalty amount will be charged.

-When is the money drawn for my membership?
27th of every month from your card you entered in the app

-Can someone other than me pay for my membership?
Yes, but if this is the case, Erika Personal Training needs to administer membership. Email
Unsuccessful payments: As a member, if you have failed payments that have not gone through, your membership is frozen and you can no longer make any bookings until the payments are completed.

- Where do you get the receipt for health care allowance? Can several payments be combined on one receipt or will they come on different ones?
Under "My receipts" in the wondr app. Your receipts are monthly.

-Is there an entry fee?

- Can you combine membership + open gym at a cheaper price?
Open gym is purchased half-year or full-year. If you have a VIP membership or have purchased 6 PT hours or more, you have a more favorable price at the open gym.