What we offer

We offer services in Personal Training, Nutrition counseling, Small Group Training, Bootcamps, Tough MAMA, Open Gym and lectures on public health and armwrestling.
We look at the individual, its goals and conditions. We turn to private individuals, companies and schools that want to help achieve a healthier lifestyle or for those who want to learn more about arm wrestling.


Want to learn more about Armwrestling? We're working on fairs, leisure centers, bachelor parties, company parties and more. We can also arrange tug of war and ax throwing.


 Classes can also be  held in English



Here the focus is on YOU! We work based on your circumstances and goals. If it comes to a stronger body, weight loss or just a kick in the ass!




A couple of times a year we organize Outdoor BootCamp. You are the same group who train together for 45 minutes two times a week 6 weeks in a row. So 12 times in all.


Our first meeting! We talk about your goals, your condition, injuries etc. We also weigh and make fat measurement if it is of interest. After this, we put up a plan that's right for you!


Workout with a friend, spouse, sibling or parent. Alone we are strong, but together you're stronger!

Tough MAMA 

Tough MAMA is suitable and safe training for those who have recently given birth or are pregnant. You meet other mothers who are in the same situation and you inspire and support each other during sessions. The best part is that the child is with you and you don't have to think about getting a babysitter. If you are pregnant, you should have contact with your doctor and if you have recently given birth, it is good if you have been in testing 6-8 weeks after delivery. Exercise program and diet plan included,  control of the deep abdominal muscles and diastasis.


Small Group Training is sweaty workout in a small group of maximum 10 people. Everything from high-intensity, functional movement, strength.

Always different workouts. 


Open Gym means that you do your workout on your own. During a Group Session the Group always take precedence over equipment and surface. Open Gym is possible every day of the week from 04.30-23.30 if you have a valid tag. We refer to the small room in the  gym under Group Training  hours. For purchase of tag / membership send an email to info@erikapersonaltraining.com

Nutrition Counseling
 850 :- 

Is it difficult to maintain a healthy diet? We will help you! Contact us!